Greg Stahl has been writing news and feature stories for more than 20 years, and recently began working on long-form projects. To date he has started a half-dozen manuscripts, most of which are in varying states of in-completion. He finished writing Paddling Idaho in September 2015 (published by Falcon Books in late May 2016) and then spent the ensuing months dusting off the as-yet unfinished old projects.

Ironically, Stahl never set out to write a paddling guidebook, but it's a project that landed in his lap. Stahl has been paddling canoes and other recreational watercraft his entire life, but when he moved to Idaho in 1998 he began to pursue hard-shell whitewater kayaking with vigor. That pursuit was nearly singular for the better part of a decade, and with an eye toward self improvement he kept a detailed journal about much of the journey. When Falcon Books approached him in 2014, he excitedly realized that a solid portion of his research was already completed.