Greg Stahl Journalism Awards (1999-2018)

Recognized with 53 awards in magazine and newspaper categories in national, regional and state competitions.

National Newspaper Association Better Newspaper Contest

Investigative or In-depth Story or Series, non-daily division, circulation 10,000 or more.
2005 Second: “Building Bonanza.”
A cooperative effort with my colleague, Gregory Foley, who coordinated the series of three in-depth articles and 10 accompanying sidebars.

2004 First: “Redefining wilderness.”
This series of three in-depth articles and nine accompanying sidebars was another joint effort with my colleague, Gregory Foley. We examined the region, resources, people and politics in Central Idaho‘s Boulder and White Cloud mountains where wilderness designation could be imminent.

Society of Professional Journalists, Northwest Chapter, Excellence in Journalism Awards

Energy and Environmental Affairs category
2003 Second: “Redefining wilderness.”

Idaho Press Club annual awards contests

Magazine – Serious Feature

2017 First: "Coming to America." Territory magazine.

2012 First: “Standing on the Shoulders of Giants.” Sun Valley Guide magazine.
2006 Honorable Mention: “Real Estate, changing the landscape.” Sun Valley Guide magazine.
2002 First: “Return of the Wolf.” Sun Valley Guide magazine.

Magazine – Column

2011 Second: “Why Wilderness.”

General Excellence
2007 First: The Idaho Mountain Express was voted the best newspaper in its category in Idaho during my tenure as Assistant Editor.

2007 Second: “A Legacy is born.”
2005 Second: “Growth threatens quality of life.”
2004 First: “Child abduction odyssey nears closure.”
2001 First: “A tale of three rivers.”
2000 Third: “Wolf wars.”
1999 First: “The corporate bean comes to Ketchum.”

2005 Second: “The spawn is on.”
2004 Second: “The B2 chronicles, Idaho’s oldest wolf passes.”
2004 Third: “Mystery fish spurs research.”
2002 First: “White Hawk wolves killed.”
2002 Second: “Pine beetles advance on SNRA.”
2001 Second: “Blaine County’s SUV love affair.”
2000 First: “Cyanide solution.” Judge’s comments: “This is environmental reporting at its finest. Informative, thorough, and really a shocking situation. Excellent lead, tying historical and present-day perspectives.”
2000 Third: “River greenway project gains momentum.”
1999 Third: “The journey home.”

Watchdog/Investigative Report
2003 First: “Ketchum, mayor sued for freedom of speech infraction.”
2002 Third: “Mayor and police chief face of.”

General News Story
2007 Third: “Land trust could double easements by year’s end.”
2004 Honorable Mention: “Trailer park residents brace for departure.”
2002 Second: “Insects on a mission.”
1999 Second: “Cougars Plague Valley.”

Spot News Coverage
2001 First: “Ketchum Mayor Coles dies at 77.”
2000 Third: “Slide buries avalanche expert.”
1999 First: “Snowmobilers chase down, kill coyote.”

2005 Third: “Mountain solitude belies looming political fight.”
2004 First: “Kerry’s vacation nears end.”
2004 Third: “Election splits north, south.”
2003 Second: “Apathy pervades for some local voters.”
2003 Third: “Idaho Democrats, Republicans claim Internet name piracy.”
2001 Second: “Candidate reflects on rocky political past.”
2000 Third: “Stennett in the Senate.”
1999 Second: “Congress considers bill to end user fees.”
1999 Third: “Sen. Stennett challenges amendments to Land-use laws.”

Serious Feature Report
2001 Honorable Mention “To the sea and back.”
2000 Second: “Zoning snow.”

Outdoor Feature
2004 First: “BC’s big water challenged.”
2004 Honorable Mention: “”Guided hunt fulfills PA youth’s dream.”
2000 Third: “Wolf flight.”

Light Feature Report
2004 Second: “A Kyrgyz adventure.”
2000 First: “Corduroy, the evolution of Sun Valley’s grooming.” Judge’s comments: “Very good idea for a story. Didn’t think it would suck me in, but it did.”

Crime/Courts Reporting
2004 Second: “Johnson defense points to boyfriend.”
2003 First: “16-year-old charged with murder.”
2003 Honorable Mention “Coroner sued for failing to complete death certificates.”

1999 Third: “Local employers share secrets.”