The Sawtooth National Recreation Area of central Idaho is widely considered the Gem State’s crown jewel. On Friday, May 18, the Idaho Press Club honored the story, Standing on the Shoulders of Giants,  as Idaho’s top magazine feature of 2012. The story chronicles the men and women who created the SNRA.

To date, Western Perspective Principal Greg Stahl has been honored 53 times by state, regional and national journalism organizations, and this recent accolade constitutes his fourth such recognition for magazine writing. Meanwhile, the same issue of Sun Valley Guide helped the magazine achieve top honors for the state’s best magazine.

By way of further background, the Sawtooth National Recreation Area is widely considered the Gem State’s crown jewel, and the story is told on the management area’s 40th birthday. It is a unique composite of more than 40 peaks over 10,000 feet in elevation, picturesque valleys, high alpine lakes, forests and free-flowing rivers. It is home to 327 fish and mammal species, including reintroduced gray wolves, endangered salmon, mountain goats, lynx, mountain lions and wolverines.

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