George Martin Jr. didn’t used to pack heat. That was before he moved to Camas County, Idaho.

“I’m not even a hunter,” he said. “I never carried a gun or anything like that, but I ended up getting a gun for self defense, got a concealed weapons permit and now carry. That’s not who I am, but that’s the environment that’s forcing me to do this stuff.”

Having moved to Camas County about four years ago from Seattle, Martin is a relative newcomer to the rural Idaho stage. But that hasn’t stopped him from challenging the status quo. That challenge, he said, has not helped him make friends.

For a period of years he has attended meetings of the Camas County Commission and Camas County Planning and Zoning Commission, and over those years he has become something of a self-made local government watchdog, culminating in an ongoing lawsuit against the county over zoning amendments made last year.

The lawsuit resumed in August after failed settlement attempts last spring. In the suit Martin accused members of both the county P&Z and County Commission of illegally rezoning at least 20,000 acres of the county and ignoring conflicts of interest…

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