From a bare-bones, poetic feature about the rural Idaho hamlet of Challis to a captivating retelling of Ernest Hemingway’s life and suicide in the Gem State, Western Perspective Principal Greg Stahl worked for more than a year at Sun Valley Magazine in 2009 and 2010 to make the magazine’s prose sizzle.

Sun Valley Magazine is devoted to celebrating life in the Wood River Valley and surrounding communities in central Idaho. With a mission of breaking down barriers, opening readers’ eyes and leaving a mark on their memories, it aims to honor its community and region–a place steeped in the story of the West.

Founded in 1936 by the Union Pacific Railroad, Sun Valley Resort is the nation’s original destination ski resort. But its roots go back further still, to 1881 when the discovery of lead and silver initiated settlement by miners in search of fortunes. Today, Sun Valley and the surrounding area comprise one of the nation’s premier destination resorts and lifestyle-oriented communities. Its residents are diverse. Its landscape is beautiful. Its culture is compelling.

Sold nationally in more than 400 locations, Sun Valley Magazine has surprising reach and an influential, educated readership.

As Senior Editor, Stahl worked as one of two editors to edit, organize and fact-check stories, and to plan for future issues. With a 10-year history of writing about the politics and people of the Sun Valley area, he also served as a key adviser to the Editor-in-Chief regarding the magazine’s content and vision.

Fall 2009
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Fall 2010