In 2012 Western Perspective Principal Greg Stahl had the great fortune to head up a team of passionate activists working to shed more light on the plight of the Pacific Northwest’s endangered wild salmon. The diverse four-month multimedia campaign included a thorough public relations effort that resulted in stories in the Seattle Times, National Geographic NewsWatch, National Public Radio, Idaho Statesman and Idaho Public Television, among others. It also included creation of a website and implementation of an intensive social media campaign that, at its peak, reached thousands of viewers per day. It also included scripting, editing and production of radio ads that ran throughout the state of Idaho.

To be sure, it was a team effort. Extensive credit is due to copywriter Jessica Holmes; graphic designer Bethany Walter; Idaho Rivers United board members Andy Munter, Tom Stuart and Kathleen Fahey; College of Idaho interns Annie Morrison and Joe Pickett and to all of the staff at Idaho Rivers United who helped make it happen. As project lead, Stahl assigned tasks to the project’s talented contributors, edited website and radio ad copy, drafted and distributed press releases and fact sheets and managed two interns who pounded the pavement to make the project gel.

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