Working Strong is a professional, polished copywriting project completed for Consilio Business Managers, a Boise-based business consultant. The beautifully-designed 18-page report was a staff analysis commissioned by a local business. The report seeks to deliver clarity to the team’s strengths and motivational triggers using analysis and team recommendations on how to adjust team dynamics as the business matures.

The report introduction follows:

It goes without saying that any company is comprised of the people inherent to the organization. Each person is a valuable and constructive piece of the whole, and each person’s strengths lend to the overall strength and success of the company. When strengths are nurtured a business thrives because of the diversity of intellectual and emotional skills at work. Strengths are the multi-colored threads that weave together to form a sturdy tapestry on which a company’s work is built.

When a business’s culture is stitched from a strength based philosophy, its work becomes more efficient and more effective. Staff engagement increases six-fold, and that translates into sustained client relationships, high-quality product delivery, a vibrant and constructive ethos and reduced staff turnover. With the cost of hiring and training a team member between two to five times their salary, the benefits of a strength based approach using existing staff ’s intrinsic assets are conclusive.