The Snow Inside Me

In a fraction of a second at 5:05 p.m. on January 7, 1984, the sleepy Appalachian berg of Huntingdon, Pennsylvania lost a promise: one boy gone, another left behind and the rearranged topography of a moment frozen in time. Verse and vision combine in The Snow Inside Me, a thought-provoking memoir about a man’s unknowing journey to overcome a long-ago winter day.

The Snow Inside Me is a short story, not a book, but is envisioned to ultimately be a six-part tale that stems the the mountains of Pennsylvania, Colorado, Idaho and the unspoiled vastness in between. It is is equal parts poetry, meditation and forward-driving narrative and incorporates the landscape as a powerful character of its own. It’s a tale of fear and courage, friendship and loss, misfortune and adventure. And, ultimately, it’s a story about love. 

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